“Amelia is one of the most profound healers I have worked with. She is kind, gentle, and creates a safe space that allows for tremendously deep healing and the exploration of buried wounds and challenges. She is an intuitive counselor as well and offers meaningful and valuable insights into what is happening in the body, while also leaving room for one’s own internal conversation to occur and be heard. I am often surprised by how much comes up in each session I have with her and in what my body can release each time. I cherish my time with Amelia and cannot recommend her highly enough.” ~ A.B. {Energetic & Emotional Healing}

“The session was very calm. I felt held and taken care of. Amelia’s energy, presence, and focus was all very reassuring. I’ve never felt such an extreme difference after getting off the table from body work before! Thank you.” ~ J.L. {Energetic & Emotional Healing}

“I love working with you and feel that our work together has been game-changing for my health. We have created a sacred space that is allowing me to release so much! I can’t thank you enough.” ~ K.F. {Energetic & Emotional Healing}

“I saw Thomas for our first session a few months ago when leading a retreat in the bay. Little did I know what was in store. At the time, my nervous system was wrecked and my body sore. The massage was nothing like I’d ever experience. He not only has magical and healing hands, but he offered different breathing techniques, visualizations and meditations he intuitively knew I needed. I left the session in a peaceful state both in mind and body. I entered a trance state and felt true bliss for awhile after. I quickly planned a time to return to see him after! I cannot recommend him enough.” J. W {Massage}