Sessions are held at VISIONS in Point Reyes Station.


      From a young age, Amelia grappled with recurring migraines, persisting since the age of 6. When conventional medical paths only offered her solutions to the symptoms and not the root cause, she turned to alternative healing methods. Her healing journey began with her first Craniosacral Session. She decided to explore this healing approach and has since studied Biodynamic, Mechanical, and Visionary Craniosacral modalities. This exploration also led her to study both Levels 1 & 2 of Reiki.

During the pandemic and after struggling with severe burnout, Amelia prioritized uncovering the origins of her long-term depression and chronic pain. She embarked on a profound exploration of her subconscious utilizing meditation and psychedelic therapies. The discovery of emotional release work marked a turning point in her healing journey, equipping her with tools to release numerous trapped emotions, many of which were inherited.

Working with the subconscious affirmed her belief that many physical ailments stem from emotions that were unable to be fully processed, leading to their storage within the body. This realization unveiled the essence of healing and deepened her fascination with the inherent healing potential within each individual.  

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