Are you experiencing a heaviness that is seemingly undefinable? Do you sense your current state is entangled with your past?

It is possible that past emotional energies (whether from early childhood or inherited) may be confined within your body, influencing your overall well-being ~ physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

This modality works effectively to:
+ Release Physical Discomfort
+ Balance Harmony in Relationships
+ Invite Abundance
+ Healing through Generations
+ Releases trapped emotions in Animals

This method centers on releasing trapped emotions and rectifying energetic imbalances. 

It employs a technique that integrates therapeutic magnets, kinesiology, and ancient healing principles, merging contemporary technology with traditional wisdom and can be used with people of any age.

Through the application of quantum entanglement principles, together we pinpoint and clear trapped emotions directed by your subconscious, ultimately liberating both your body and energy system. The result is a revitalized and balanced energy system, physical and emotional well-being.

45 mins
USD $50

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If you are curious about this work and want to ask me some questions
before diving in please feel free to reach out: Contact Amelia