Refers to the process in which psychological distress or emotions manifest as physical symptoms or conditions.

This phenomena occurs when emotional or mental stressors are expressed through bodily sensations, pain, or illness without an identifiable physical cause.

Essentially, somatization is the conversion of emotional or mental experiences into physical symptoms. 

This can include symptoms such as headaches, stomach pains, fatigue, or other bodily discomforts that occur due to underlying emotional or psychological factors rather than solely physical causes.

Each session works to address the underlying causes of a particular issue, and includes the release of somatization.



WHAT IS CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY ? Craniosacral Therapy is a highly effective gentle touch therapy that allows the body to restore and HEAL itself by approaching the ROOT of the Body’s discomforts.

Craniosacral allows for the rejuviation of the Parasympathetic Nervous System through the gentle touch of the cranium, sacrum, and other areas that may be holding physiological and emotional blockages inviting flow and healing throughout the entire body ecosystem.

Amelia offers craniosacral (CST) & Reiki healing from a space of grounded stillness and presence and welcomes you on this healing journey to the heart of your body’s wisdom.

90 mins
USD $135


This fusion aims for profound balance, attending to the body's physical aspects and releasing emotional and energetic blockages stored in the subconscious.

Tommy provides an intuitive deep tissue massage while Amelia incorporates emotional energetic release techniques including Reiki, Craniosacral, & the Emotion Code.  

Sessions are clothed and free of oil, creating a comfortable environment for your healing journey. 

With a focus on holistic well-being and utilizing the wisdom of the subconscious, this approach nurtures both body and mind, fostering a deep sense of harmony and release.

90 mins
USD $250

Tommy is a seasoned masseur whose skills extend beyond technique and is rooted in intuition and deep listening. 

Having worked for over a decade at Esalen in Big Sur, he has delved deeply into diverse massage modalities, crafting a fusion of deep tissue and restorative massage techniques.
Embracing fully clothed sessions without oils, his approach prioritizes the body's natural healing processes. The benefits of his massage extend beyond mere relaxation; it encourages long term relief from tension, and provides a nurturing a sense of balance and vitality in each individual.

90 mins
USD $150

Emotion Code

Facilitates release of trapped emotions
Supports mental and emotional clarity
Aids in breaking cycles of discomfort or distress
Promotes a sense of inner balance and peace


Aids in relieving headaches and migraines
Reduces stress and tension in the body
Promotes deep relaxation and restful sleep
Supports the body's natural healing processes


Balances and aligns energy within the body
Eases anxiety and promotes relaxation
Supports emotional healing and well-being
Enhances overall energy and vitality


Relieves muscle tension and stiffness
Improves circulation and lymphatic flow
Reduces stress and promotes relaxation
Enhances flexibility and range of motion



Are you experiencing a heaviness that is seemingly undefinable? Do you sense your current state is entangled with your past?

It is possible that past emotional energies (whether from early childhood or inherited) may be confined within your body, influencing your overall well-being ~ physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

This modality works effectively to:
+ Release Physical Discomfort
+ Balance Harmony in Relationships
+ Invite Abundance
+ Healing through Generations
+ Releases trapped emotions in Animals

This method centers on releasing trapped emotions and rectifying energetic imbalances. 

It employs a technique that integrates therapeutic magnets, kinesiology, and ancient healing principles, merging contemporary technology with traditional wisdom and can be used with people of any age.

Through the application of quantum entanglement principles, together we pinpoint and clear trapped emotions directed by your subconscious, ultimately liberating both your body and energy system. The result is a revitalized and balanced energy system, physical and emotional well-being.

45 mins
USD $50

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If you are curious about this work and want to ask me some questions
before diving in please feel free to reach out: Contact Amelia


“Amelia is one of the most profound healers I have worked with. She is kind, gentle, and creates a safe space that allows for tremendously deep healing and the exploration of buried wounds and challenges. She is an intuitive counselor as well and offers meaningful and valuable insights into what is happening in the body, while also leaving room for one’s own internal conversation to occur and be heard. I am often surprised by how much comes up in each session I have with her and in what my body can release each time. I cherish my time with Amelia and cannot recommend her highly enough.” ~ A.B. {Energetic & Emotional Healing}

“The session was very calm. I felt held and taken care of. Amelia’s energy, presence, and focus was all very reassuring. I’ve never felt such an extreme difference after getting off the table from body work before! Thank you.” ~ J.L. {Energetic & Emotional Healing}

“I love working with you and feel that our work together has been game-changing for my health. We have created a sacred space that is allowing me to release so much! I can’t thank you enough.” ~ K.F. {Energetic & Emotional Healing}

“I saw Thomas for our first session a few months ago when leading a retreat in the bay. Little did I know what was in store. At the time, my nervous system was wrecked and my body sore. The massage was nothing like I’d ever experience. He not only has magical and healing hands, but he offered different breathing techniques, visualizations and meditations he intuitively knew I needed. I left the session in a peaceful state both in mind and body. I entered a trance state and felt true bliss for awhile after. I quickly planned a time to return to see him after! I cannot recommend him enough.” J. W {Massage}